The Benefits of Gel Polish in Nail Care

Did you know that nail health is a reliable indicator of poor health, improper dieting, or poor digestion?  A US based health practitioner, Dr. Sara Norris explains: “ Brittle, weak, and peeling nails are the most common concerns I see in my practice and these symptoms are more often the result of a poor diet than of systemic disease.”

The Benefits of Gel Polish in Nail Care

Healthy fingernails are thus a worthwhile investment. Besides signifying good health, and attractive nails boost self-esteem and confidence. The texture of good nails is smooth and without coloration. Fortunately, genuine products nail color gel help to restore damaged nails and also maintain healthy nails.

Four Major Symptoms and Causes of Bad Nails

There are a number of challenges a woman faces, especially one with long nails, when it comes to maintaining nails. Most of these challenges are unavoidable because they arise from daily routine. In this article, we will examine the six leading causes of discolored nails, and why your nails can develop rough and even texture:


These appear like vertical or horizontal waves on the fingernails. Both vertical and horizontal ridges tend to enlarge with time, sometimes covering the whole fingernail. Horizontal ridges also known as Beau’s lines, could be a sign of kidney disease. The good news is that there is a remedy.

Gel nails colors is respected because of its exceptional formula and a wide range of shades. You can restore your nails through innovative nail care products which include nail treatments. This eminent product comes along with accessories and tools for a flawless, easy manicure.


Trauma on the fingers, such as closing a door on your nails, cause nails to peel. Soaking hands too long in soapy water also makes nail to peel. This is the effect of lye in the soap. Internal causes include a possible iron deficiency in the body. Seek professional intervention to discover the underlying cause.


This is known as onychoschizia. This is likely to happen when you work without gloves, thus exposing your nails to regular spells of wet and dry. Of course, this is inevitable if attending to daily chores like washing the dishes.

Internal causes will include an iron deficiency – which also indicates the presence of hypothyroidism. Apply lotions that contain alphahydroxy acids; gel gives the nails a chip resistant finish.

Discolored Nails

Yellow nails are a result of a reaction of a product you use. Black lines, also known as splinter hemorrhage, are caused by trauma on the fingers, underlying causes include the presence of melanoma, endocarditis, or psoriasis. These blemishes; however tend to disappear with time in the case of mild injuries. There are natural treatments such as vitamin E supplements that tackle infections.

Dr. Norris, however, points out that white spots are a strong indication of a zinc deficiency. They can also be caused by an allergic reaction, an external trauma, or a fungal infection. Nail gel polish provides the best nail treatment for affected fingernails and toenails.

Two Factors in Optimal Nail Health

The following are two basic guidelines that will help your quest for beautiful nails. Do not under estimate the role of attractive fingernails.

A bacterium is the nail’s worst enemy. Keep your fingernails clean and dry. After prolonged contact with water, apply products from trusted manufacturers. It is also proper to wear cotton-lined rubber gloves when handling harsh detergents and chemicals.

A protective layer might strengthen your nails. Reputable products like gel polish is necessary to conceal grooves, ridges, or ditches that would otherwise open for everyone to see. Afterwards, the nails resist breaking as they grow.

The curing process of broken nails is slow. Gel polish keeps out contaminants during this process. Once the gel polish is dry, it strengthens weak nails. The gel polish is the best way to preserve your nails since it cannot be readily removed.


The fingernails are probably the body part that is most exposed and vulnerable. The hands must attend to multiple duties in a single day. Gel nail color is reputed for its long lasting formula basecoat which gives the nails high shine finish and durable protection.

Genuine gel polish makes the manicure process less time-consuming. The application procedure is easy, fast and environmental friendly. Our mission is to help women improve nail and skin care. They come in a wide range of shades and colors to provide effective nail protection and treatment.

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