Doing Nail art with the best nail gel polish color is one of the ways to help girls and most women feel more confident when hanging out, especially on major events or holidays of the year. The number of customers going in and out of the nail salon every day is very large, sometimes it is impossible to make statistics. That’s enough for us to see the strong attraction of manicure. However, when the number of customers coming to the nail salon is so high, it means that you will have to wait all day to enjoy the services at the nail salon. So, have you ever thought about making your own nails at home? Gel polish manicure is more than simply opening a nail polish bottle and applying a few lines on your nails and you’re done. The total area of ​​ten nail tips may be very small, but the things to remember when decorating them are immense.

Things to Know Before Applying Gel Nail Polish at Home

Here is a gel polish colors manicure and things to remember before applying nail polish, please refer to it.

Things to Know Before Applying Gel Nail Polish

Just swipe the paint 3 times

When applying gel polish to your nails, it’s best to use about 3 strokes per nail. Dip the tip of the brush into the bottle first, applying a bead-sized amount of paint on the edge of the brush. Use the tip of the brush to spread this drop of polish over your nail, as wide as possible, starting at the base of the nail, brushing the brush to the left, to the right, and then straight down the center. (more…)

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Why you have to be beautiful?

Beauty makes everyone confident, energizes and opens up opportunities in all things. Especially for women, beauty is not just enough makeup for the face, there are dozens of other things you should also pay attention to take care of such as hair, teeth, skin and hands and feet. Sometimes just a small detail can make the opposite person lose impression on you. While the hands are very active parts and cannot be completely covered. So why don’t we beautify our hands by creating masterpieces in our hands? OPI nail gel is exactly a super perfect choice to beautify your hands.

Why Do Women Have to Be Beautiful

Why don’t we love and make ourselves more and more beautiful every day? Why do you keep living with low self-esteem because of your average beauty? Why don’t you take the initiative to stand up to improve and beautify yourself? As a modern woman, confidently assert your worth, be beautiful every day!

How to be beautiful – How to beautify?

Even if you don’t have a naturally beautiful face, you can still live more optimistic and beautiful in the eyes of everyone by being confident, loving yourself more, taking care of your skin to make your appearance fresher and before your eyes. First, the easiest way for you to become neat and sophisticated in the eyes of everyone is to have beautiful, clean and attractive hands at all times. To own beautiful hands, you need to take care of your hands with nail care products as well as facial care and you need to decorate your nails to make it more attractive. OPI gel will help you do that. With outstanding advantages, OPI nail gel will bring you the best, most beautiful, and most beautiful nails for you. (more…)

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Gel polishes are made of stronger ingredients than normal nail polish. It is made of a polymer containing acrylic acid oligomer and monomers used in ultraviolet (UV) light for coating and curing. Curing is the process that makes the liquid gel hard and binds to the nails.

Gelixir is a brand and trademark made in the USA. They provide services like Gelixir gel polish, soaks-off, etc., for cosmetics, including perfumery, laundry, soaps, hair lotions, and other services. Gelixir gel polish is an ablaze and deep gel polish of excellent quality, which comes in 180 rich color shades for the whole set, has duo matching gel and nail polish colors. It is glossy, keeps its shine, irresistible to chipping, and durable.

Overview On Gelixir Gel Polish Brand

You have nothing to fear with Gelixir gel polish. It lasts for 2-3 weeks with zero fear of chipping and looking fake. The Gelixir collection contains 1-100 gel polish UV (ultraviolet) / LED and soak-off gel polish cover. The gel polish is ‘cured’ by exposure to UV/LED light to accomplish a brilliant and toned finish. Its curing process lasts for 30 seconds in LED light and 2 minutes in Ultraviolet light.

Classic nail polish users and Natural nail keepers can also use Gelixir gel and gel polish. Unlike traditional polish, gelixir gel polish lasts longer, is not easily destroyed or brittle. In addition, gelixir gel nails is a preferred option for one attempting to grow natural nails as it adds a protective layer that prevents the nails from breaking.

How to Apply Gelixir Gel Nail Polish Brand

A brilliant gel polished nail can be attained by going to the salon or doing a home manicure by yourself, requiring getting the Gelixir collection/set. Ensure your nails are neat, shaped, and trimmed according to preference but, a rough surface should be left for the polish to cleave to. For wonderful results, begin with clean, dry nails and the thumb to avoid polish pooling at the thumb cuticle. (more…)

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DND nail polish gel sets have amazing qualities that beautify the nails. DND nail polish is preferred because it is quicker and easier to use. It is great for festive periods and special occasions.  Apply the DND nail polish on your nails and enjoy a long-lasting beauty. The brand is unique, especially with its e-platform, making it easy for customers to order and get their nail polish products. Several DND nail polish gel set product categories will be discussed further in this article. Read on to learn about the various product categories and steps to use DND nail polish gel for your nails.


DND – Gel & Lacquer – Orange Sherbet

DND Products presents Soak Off Gel Polish, an illuminating nail polish, applies quickly, feels thin, and lasts longer than any gal in the market. (more…)

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Top 6 Best All Day Lipstick for 2020

Your look can not be complete without the perfect lip! A question on how to get the perfect lip that lasts all day might occur to you. I have the answer for you. Make sure to use a balm that moisturizes your lips for you to prevent them drying up and getting chapped. The next step is to find the perfect lipstick that stays on all day! With that, you will have achieved the perfect lip!

Covergirl Outlast All-Day Lip Color with Topcoat, Canyon

Amazon best-selling product B00J2APD4W

This lipstick from cover girl gives you a vibrant lip that can last for the whole day! There is nothing better than a lipstick that can not be transferred or smudged. The top cost locks in the moisture whilst simultaneously providing the lips with moisture. An added bonus is that, this product comes from a cruelty free brand.

TONYMOLY Delight Tony Tint

Amazon best-selling product B00QDERK5U

This product is a super light weight tint for your lips. The best thing about this tint is you can add layers upon layers of this none drip formula to build up the color and this is what makes it one of the best Korean lip tints of all time. What’s more is that this lip tint dries off almost instantly after application giving off a sheer matte finish.

Honest beauty Liquid Lipstick, Goddess

Amazon best-selling product B07TYQ4H72

This cruelty free lipstick instantly hydrates and nourishes the lips. It is a lipstick that you can wear with comfort for the whole day as it does not over dry on the lips. It comes in 8 vibrant colors that give off a shine-to-matte finish. If you are looking for a clean vibrant lip, this vegan, cruelty free brand is the best choice for you! (more…)

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Top 5 Best Face Massage Machine for Younger Looking Skin

The portable facial massager machines allow you to carry them wherever you go. Even if you are very busy, you can simply carry it with you and use it the moment you find the time. Having the best face massage machine for younger-looking skin at your disposal has many benefits. Generally, this eliminates the downtime you need to spend at the skin clinics, and another best thing about this method is, it is non-invasive.

NuDerma Portable Handheld High-Frequency Skin Therapy

Amazon best-selling product B06W5PD1KY

The high-frequency vibrations by the NuDerma device supercharge the ATP production by amplifying the cell turnover, which declines due to aging. So, this, in turn, reverses the aging process by making the skin firm leading it to look younger. The spot treatment reduces the spots and acne blemishes. The cellular boost reduces the inflammation and provides the energy required to fight the bacteria.

This device has four different wands that work on each of your skin issues like wrinkles, fine lines, spot correction, and all other signs of aging. The firmer skin looks youthful, and the users of this device acknowledge that this is the best skin tightening machine they have ever used.

Feamens3D Roller Electric Sonic Energy Beauty Bar

Amazon best-selling product B07Q5PD2YL

The unique “V” and “T” shaped high-frequency vibration face massagers stimulate the blood circulation. They release the gold anions which relax and smooth your skin. The 360-degree roller plumps up the skin reduces wrinkles, tightens it, and leaves your skin nourished and smooth. Absorption of the nourishing creams applied to the skin improves, and you get maximum benefits offered by them. It works on rechargeable batteries and is portable. (more…)

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When you have bug problems in or around the area you live, work or go on a vacation, then you need to be precautious. You can do so by applying a repellent to avoid being infected. They have harmful chemicals as they are poison for bugs. For an average person, the risks of the chemicals outweigh the risk of being bitten by these bugs causing severe diseases. However, if you are pregnant, then not all bug sprays are safe for you. A pregnancy safe bug spray would be an ideal spray to keep you safe from the bugs as well as the chemical hazards.

When you progress to your next stages of having a baby after your delivery, you might still need the bug sprays. But the one you bought during your pregnancy might not suit your baby as they were made for adults. Then it would be time to switch to safe baby sprays. You can find the best bug sprays for babies by understanding more about the bug sprays their usage and the other safety information about safe bug sprays.

Bug Spray Compositions That Are Safe To Use During Pregnancy And For Baby:


A 25% preparation of DEFT provides you the protection of up to 10 hours. If you need protection for a short period like 2 hours, then you can lower the concentration. Allowing as less as possible chemicals would be kind to your body during pregnancy, so apply accordingly.

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Like the way skinny jeans and a white tee, Jay-Z and Beyonce or jelly and peanut butter complement each other; an OPI nail polish perfectly complements every manicure. Arguably OPI can be perceived as one of the most loved manicure brands in the beauty industry. It is famous for its massive variety of gorgeous colors with a high demand that gives other nail colors such as LDS nail colors, SNS nails, Nugenesis nail colors, and DND nail colors a run for their money. You might not be into nail polishes, but it is pretty easy to recognize fan-favorite shades. After all, we sometimes need a perception from a neutral point of view. Curiosity killed a cat, so they say. But here, your interest will help you uncover some of the best shades of OPI nail lacquer that you can try out whenever you need a manicure. The colors will look fancy on your nails during your ordinary days and special days. The glamor derived from OPI nail lacquers is a pearl of greatness that you will never regret.     

Big Apple Red

The Big Apple Red is a unique shade of red that warrants OPI nail lacquer an adoration as the classiest nail polish in the world of nail polish. The shade can be used on different occasions and matches with almost all outfits. The juicy shade is inspired and commanded by NYC.


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Summer season comes up with a bunch of problems, including dryness, blemishes, sunburn, tans, and many more. Taking special care of your skin during these warm days has become a necessity.

Some Tips Regarding Your Skin Care

Make a natural homemade cucumber mist and cool your skin by frequently spraying them on our face. Don’t forget to make use of coffee scrub to avoid dryness of the skin. Secondly, be hydrated, drink a lot of water during these days as avowing taking care during these days will cause severe issues like headaches, dark urine, etc. these days, sunscreens are the must. Never forget to apply the spf tanning lotions on your body to avoid any skin infections. Eat your antioxidants which means, eat more fruits like strawberries and mangoes. Protect your scalp and eyes by using hats and shades.

Homemade Remedies for Skin Care

For soothing and cooling your skin, cucumber water, and rose water are the best for your skin during summer. Wash your face frequently with cold water. Generally, this will protect your skin and make them cool. Get rid of the sweat and the dust which accumulate on your skin by washing your face. Your skin needs to be protected, so do not forget to apply sunscreen.


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As a professional nail technician, it is imperative to have the right professional nail supplies is the best way to help you serve your customers better and also keep your salon organized. While your job is based entirely on your talent and training, it is still your duty to make sure that you have the best nail supplies to get the job done. If you want to make your clients happy and keep your business going, you must have the best nail supplies for the job.

Here are the must-have nail supplies for professionals that you should have:

1. Nail Clippers

Nail clipper is one of the most essential nail tool not only in salons but also in one’s personal hygiene kit. For a more efficient salon experience, you should have both nail clippers for toenails and fingernails. But unlike a personal nail clipper, as a salon owner you need to branch out and get more than just the standard one. You should have one that is strong enough to cut through acrylic nails, in this case you should purchase a nail edge clipper.


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