Overview on Gelixir Gel Polish Brand

Gel polishes are made of stronger ingredients than normal nail polish. It is made of a polymer containing acrylic acid oligomer and monomers used in ultraviolet (UV) light for coating and curing. Curing is the process that makes the liquid gel hard and binds to the nails.

Gelixir is a brand and trademark made in the USA. They provide services like Gelixir gel polish, soaks-off, etc., for cosmetics, including perfumery, laundry, soaps, hair lotions, and other services. Gelixir gel polish is an ablaze and deep gel polish of excellent quality, which comes in 180 rich color shades for the whole set, has duo matching gel and nail polish colors. It is glossy, keeps its shine, irresistible to chipping, and durable.

Overview On Gelixir Gel Polish Brand

You have nothing to fear with Gelixir gel polish. It lasts for 2-3 weeks with zero fear of chipping and looking fake. The Gelixir collection contains 1-100 gel polish UV (ultraviolet) / LED and soak-off gel polish cover. The gel polish is ‘cured’ by exposure to UV/LED light to accomplish a brilliant and toned finish. Its curing process lasts for 30 seconds in LED light and 2 minutes in Ultraviolet light.

Classic nail polish users and Natural nail keepers can also use Gelixir gel and gel polish. Unlike traditional polish, gelixir gel polish lasts longer, is not easily destroyed or brittle. In addition, gelixir gel nails is a preferred option for one attempting to grow natural nails as it adds a protective layer that prevents the nails from breaking.

How to Apply Gelixir Gel Nail Polish Brand

A brilliant gel polished nail can be attained by going to the salon or doing a home manicure by yourself, requiring getting the Gelixir collection/set. Ensure your nails are neat, shaped, and trimmed according to preference but, a rough surface should be left for the polish to cleave to. For wonderful results, begin with clean, dry nails and the thumb to avoid polish pooling at the thumb cuticle.

Next, a thin coat of Gelixir nail polish base coat should be applied, and the edges of each nail sealed to restrain moisture from entering beneath the finished polish. Finally, the extra polish should be wiped and the base coat ‘cured’ under the LED lamp for 30 seconds.

Then, a thin coat of Gelixir polish colors is applied. Choose your most preferred color(s). Seal your nail edges with the color to prevent moisture and excess polish removed. It is ‘cured’ again for 30 seconds under the LED lamp. The thin coat should be applied twice over the base coat with cap-free edges.

A thin coat of Gelixir Top Coat is applied next. Seal the edges well and ensure it is over the whole nail. Excesses should be removed from the skin or cuticle and ‘cured.’

The nails are to be cleansed thoroughly with Gelixir cleanse product after the last ‘cure’ under the LED light. ThisFinally, extra will dismiss shabby remains and attain a brilliant, durable, sparkly finish from the top coat. If the LED lamp is not available, you can also cure it under ultraviolet light for 2 minutes.

Note that darker colors require a very thin coat of each product before curing, more access to light exposure, and less polish application. Also, the degree of oil production in the nails varies in women. Hence, the nail should be filed to remove its shine. Sunscreens should also be used to keep hands from potent UV light damage. Finally, the nails should not be picked at nor peeled.

How to remove Gelixir Gel Polish

It’s best to remove gel polish at the salon to avoid nail damage, but it can also be done at home effectively with patience and enough time (about 30 minutes). The materials needed are; Gelixir soak-off gel remover, cotton balls, grit nail file, and cuticle pester.

First, gently and slowly, apply the polish at the top layer with a coarse nail file. Be careful not to take off the color completely, just its shine.

Then, apply cuticle oil on the skin around the nails and fingertips to coat it. This protects your skin from drying with acetone.

Next, cotton balls are soaked in soak-off gel removal, and each ball is placed on the nails and wrap fingertips in foil for 15 minutes and remove. Gently remove residues with nail cuticle pester.

To rehydrate your nails, soak them in coconut oil for about 7 minutes and cuticle oil on the nail beds.


A wide range of options are available for gel polish, but Gelixir nail polish offers amazing products and services that meet your taste and should be considered. With these tips, using a Gelixir is just it!

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