Best Selling OPI Nail Colors

Like the way skinny jeans and a white tee, Jay-Z and Beyonce or jelly and peanut butter complement each other; an OPI nail polish perfectly complements every manicure. Arguably OPI can be perceived as one of the most loved manicure brands in the beauty industry. It is famous for its massive variety of gorgeous colors with a high demand that gives other nail colors such as LDS nail colors, SNS nails, Nugenesis nail colors, and DND nail colors a run for their money. You might not be into nail polishes, but it is pretty easy to recognize fan-favorite shades. After all, we sometimes need a perception from a neutral point of view. Curiosity killed a cat, so they say. But here, your interest will help you uncover some of the best shades of OPI nail lacquer that you can try out whenever you need a manicure. The colors will look fancy on your nails during your ordinary days and special days. The glamor derived from OPI nail lacquers is a pearl of greatness that you will never regret.     

Big Apple Red

The Big Apple Red is a unique shade of red that warrants OPI nail lacquer an adoration as the classiest nail polish in the world of nail polish. The shade can be used on different occasions and matches with almost all outfits. The juicy shade is inspired and commanded by NYC.

Bubble Bath

This shade is for those who derive comfort from neutral stuff. If you feel like you have gone through almost all the nail colors and tired because you don’t seem to get what you are looking for, your peace of mind rests in Bubble Bath. The shade is decorous and as sweet as candy.

Alpine White

We just found a perfect summer shade for you. Have you ever tried Alpine White shade? If not, you should purpose to experience its effects this summer. It matches well with the white sand beaches and the sunshine, making you look glossy. 

Tickle My France-y

Before the cheeky name of this trendy shade amuses you, apply it on your nails, and its sparkle will make you fall in love. Most of the OPI lacquer’s uniqueness is derived from the elegant reverence of Tickle My France-y. Surprisingly, the shade is depicted as naughty in the marque. This is the time when perception from a neutral point of view counts. Your views as the judge will also be eternally useful.

Princess Rule

Pink might have been your nanna’s high school’s most stylish design, but as hoary as it sounds, Princess Rule is still surprisingly famous as OPI’s blockbuster. The dazzling pink shade restores your lost beauty and elicits a peek that bequeaths you with every necessity for sustenance in the princesses’ league.

I’m Not a Waitress

This is a wine-red canyon shade that commands the unfathomable beauty in the dreams of every manicure lover lucky enough to have seen it. It is OPI’s all-time most exquisite shade that you should also try out.

Cajun Shrimp

Cajun Shrimp is a sophisticated coral shade with a more reddish tone fancied by many legendary manicure lovers. It is stylish, exceptional, and one of the greatest OPI appurtenances that apprise OPI’s dominion of supreme elegance and beauty.    

You Don’t Know Jacques

If you fancy neutral stuff with a little twist, this gloomy chic is your best option. It comes in handy whenever neutral begins to get boring, but you still want to retain your lavish mien.      

Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around

This shades as its name suggest commands respect from all those around you. The grey and pink combo provide it with an unmatched elegance that supersedes the dull look on your nails with an exceptional, chic, and long-lasting coat worth every coin spent.

Funny Bunny

Remember the mythical eastern bunny tales? Well, this shade seems like an absolute reincarnation of the bunny’s elegance that you once conjured. The difference between Alpine White and this soft white shade is still unclear, but its demand is astounding. Just as mystical as the bunnies, right?

Berlin There Done That

This is a German-inspired dark brownish-grey shade that beats the odds by offering a modish neutral alternative to the rest of the neutral OPI nail polish hues with its crème coverage. It’s a lavish option that redefines the underrated neutral looks with its elegance and uniqueness.


If your curiosity is not tamed already, shades like Sweet Hearts, Samoan Sand, Aphrodite’s Pink Nightie, Barefoot in Barcelona, Taupe-less Beach, Lincoln Park After Dark and Strawberry Margarita might still interest you. Malaga Wine and Black Onyx should also be on your list of favorites. We hope that you will find the best shade to fulfill your desires. Nevertheless, you can try any one of the shades above, and you might develop a test for one of them. After all, where is the fun if you will never try something new? Besides, it is not the power of bias but the customer reviews that place them in the best-selling list.

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