Things to Know Before Applying Gel Nail Polish at Home

Doing Nail art with the best nail gel polish color is one of the ways to help girls and most women feel more confident when hanging out, especially on major events or holidays of the year. The number of customers going in and out of the nail salon every day is very large, sometimes it is impossible to make statistics. That’s enough for us to see the strong attraction of manicure. However, when the number of customers coming to the nail salon is so high, it means that you will have to wait all day to enjoy the services at the nail salon. So, have you ever thought about making your own nails at home? Gel polish manicure is more than simply opening a nail polish bottle and applying a few lines on your nails and you’re done. The total area of ​​ten nail tips may be very small, but the things to remember when decorating them are immense.

Things to Know Before Applying Gel Nail Polish at Home

Here is a gel polish colors manicure and things to remember before applying nail polish, please refer to it.

Things to Know Before Applying Gel Nail Polish

Just swipe the paint 3 times

When applying gel polish to your nails, it’s best to use about 3 strokes per nail. Dip the tip of the brush into the bottle first, applying a bead-sized amount of paint on the edge of the brush. Use the tip of the brush to spread this drop of polish over your nail, as wide as possible, starting at the base of the nail, brushing the brush to the left, to the right, and then straight down the center.

Whenever applying gel nail polish, remember to apply 3 thin layers of gel polish, then cure it under the UV or Led light will help the polish dry faster and the surface of the gel nail polish will be smoother than applying 2 thick layers.

Always remember to use primer

Primer can be time-consuming, but the paint will look better, and will last several days longer than without primer. At the same time, nail care primer also helps prevent nails from yellowing, after you use nail polish remover to wipe the color off, the nails will return to their natural color, without smearing the old paint color, especially the bold colors.

Use an old lipstick brush to clean the paint around the nails

It is very common for nail polish to spill out, and many people often use a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover to wipe the smudge. However, cotton swabs can stick lint on your freshly painted nails. Instead, use a lipstick brush to wipe, you can easily adjust the brush head precisely, clean easily and don’t be afraid of damaging the sophisticated nail polish that has not yet dried.

Never choose quick-drying gel nail polish from unknown brands in the market

Many gel nail polishes today are advertised as having quick-drying formulas, which saves time, is more convenient, and has less risk of damaging the nail color when you’re busy. However, cheap nail polish or those of unknown origin are nail polishes that can make your nails dry, brittle, brittle and dull.

Regularly use essential oils to nourish the skin around the nails

A simple and quick way to get that smooth, healthy look like you just stepped out of a professional nail salon is to apply oil to the skin around your nails. These products will instantly moisturize, leaving the skin around the nails healthy and clean. After you finish painting your nails, you can apply this balm evenly to all 10 nails to create a slippery film, helping to limit the possibility of scratching the nail color when you accidentally touch something.

Put your gel nail polish in the refrigerator and keep it out of reach of children

High temperatures and sunlight can affect the color and thickness of gel color nails. The best place to store nail polish is actually the refrigerator. Thus, you can use nail polish for a very long time.

Never shake a the gel nail polish bottle

Hold the nail gel bottle between the palms of your hands and gently roll it back and forth, this will help the polish not to clump and also not foam.

Final thought

Keeping these things in mind, they will greatly help you in simplifying your gel polish manicure at home, consider choosing the best gel nail polish colors to assist you, guarantee you will be successful and get equally beautiful nails at the nail salon!

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