Must Have Nail Supplies for Professionals

As a professional nail technician, it is imperative to have the right professional nail supplies is the best way to help you serve your customers better and also keep your salon organized. While your job is based entirely on your talent and training, it is still your duty to make sure that you have the best nail supplies to get the job done. If you want to make your clients happy and keep your business going, you must have the best nail supplies for the job.

Here are the must-have nail supplies for professionals that you should have:

1. Nail Clippers

Nail clipper is one of the most essential nail tool not only in salons but also in one’s personal hygiene kit. For a more efficient salon experience, you should have both nail clippers for toenails and fingernails. But unlike a personal nail clipper, as a salon owner you need to branch out and get more than just the standard one. You should have one that is strong enough to cut through acrylic nails, in this case you should purchase a nail edge clipper.

2. Emery Boards and Nail Files

You don’t just cut nails, you also want to smooth them out. Nail files are great for making nails look not so rigid and it also works great when it comes to shaping the nails. Emery board is also a must have to buff out the top of the nails before applying nail polish for a smoother application.

3. Nail Polish Remover

Nail Polish remover is an essential must-have in a nail salon and most salon owners likes buying this in bulk. When buying a nail polish remover for your salon, choose the most effective one and look for those with moisturizer to keep your client’s hand from being dry.

4. Professional Acrylic Nail Supplies

When it comes to giving your client the best nails, it is important for you as a salon owner to have the best kit. Your kit should have the following: acrylic nail tips, powder, acrylic liquid, dappen dish, and a brush. You would want to make sure to keep these stocked because they are very popular service at a nail salon.

5. Pusher and Cuticle Oil

The most commonly used product in a nail salon is cuticle oil and this is another product that you would want to buy in bulk. Cuticle oil is important as it helps in making the client’s cuticles soft so they are easier to push back. Together with a cuticle pusher, it will be easier to push back cuticles and expose more of the nail bed.

6. Nail Polishes

Aside from good service, clients are looking for a salon with a great selection of nail polishes. There are many stores that that offer set nail polishes so you that is something that you should invest on.  Having a good display for your polishes will excite your clients and they will surely keep coming back for more.

7. Nail Polish Supplies and UV Light for Professionals

Since you will be catering to all types of customers, you will have on that will ask for a gel polish instead of acrylic so you would want to have a wide selection of gel polishes that your clients can choose from. Make sure you have the alcohol, bonding, base coat, and topcoat that are required to get the best gel manicure. Gel manicures requires LED Light for it to dry harder to perfection. You have to find the perfect LED Light to get the work done. LED Lights are much better for your clients compared to UV Lights because they release few UV rays.

8. Top Coat

A manicure is not complete without a top coat. Applying a topcoat helps to keep your customers’ manicure strong and shiny so it will look good until their next visit. Top coats has a lot of varieties. There’s shiny and matte. Matte topcoat takes away the shine from the nail polish and has been becoming a popular choice of manicure.

9. Nail Dryer

After a customer’s nail has been clean and worked on, the last thing they want to do is to wait for them to dry. So make sure you have on in your salon so your customers don’t have to wait too long. You will want one for hands and another one for feet.

Nail Supplies for Professionals

Setting up a nail salon requires you to have the most effective and the best equipment possible to make sure that you’ll have happy and loyal customers. It is important to have a checklist so you can mark off your nail supplies and make sure that they are quality equipment.

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